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  Best Kept Village Competition
Each year Longdon takes part in the Staffordshire’s Best Kept Village competition, held by Staffordshire County Council. Judging generally takes place between the 1st of May and the 22nd of July.

Best Kept Village Results 2013:

Longdon / Longdon Green achieved 2nd place "Best kept large village" in Staffordshire, Lichfield / Cannock Chase district.

Upper Longdon was awarded 2nd place in "Best kept small village" in Staffordshire, Lichfield / Cannock Chase district.

If you don't know already, here's what the judges look for:

    1. Absence of litter and unsightly refuse dumps on verges
    2. Condition of village greens, playing fields, school yards, public seats and noticeboards
    3. Condition of public and private buildings, gardens and allotments, including hedges, walls, fences and outhouses
    4. Condition of churchyards, cemeteries and war memorials
    5. Condition of public halls, sports facilities and car parks
    6. Cleanliness of public toilets, bus shelters and telephone kiosks
    7. State of footpaths, stiles, field gates, signposting, ponds and streams
    8. Condition of commercial and business premises, including advertisements and other signs
    9. Clear evidence of local commitment and initiative in the care and maintenance of the village
    10. Evidence of community spirit

The competition is grouped into districts with Longdon being judged under Lichfield / Cannock Chase district. This covers Armitage with Handsacre, Cannock Wood, Edingale, Elford, Haunton, Heath Hayes, Hopwas, Kings Bromley, Longdon/Longdon Green, Upper Longdon. The awards available are "best kept large village", “best kept small village" and "highly commended village".

The most coveted accolade is best large and best small village "overall county winner", where upon the winners receive a sign post shield to display in their village; something Longdon won just a few years ago.

The current and previous BKV certificates are all proudly on display
at Longdon Post Office.

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